General Park Questions

Do you have a specials or promotions?


Check out our Specials & Promotions page for current deals!

Is outside food allowed?

Outside food and beverages are not allowed.


However, we do allow the following:

  • Bottled water
  • 1 dessert product for a celebration (cake, cupcakes, cookies, or ice cream)
  • Infant food/formula

What do the All-day Wristbands include and how much are they?

All-Day Wristbands grant ALL DAY unlimited access to:
-Go Karts         -Bumper Boats
-Miniature Golf        -Laser Tag

All Day Wristbands are $40 per person.

***Guest who purchase this wristband should be at least 44″ tall so they are able to ride the Bumper Boats alone, however we recommend guest to be 54″ tall so they are able to access all attractions without the assistance of someone else.

When are you open?

Current Hours:

Monday-Thursday: 2pm-7pm

Friday: 2pm-8pm

Saturday: 11am-8pm

Sunday: 11am-7pm

Sequoia Springs:

Closed for the 2021 Season

***Sequoia Springs is expected to open in May for the 2022 Season***

Hours of Operations are subject to change due to holidays, special or private events, bad weather, or other circumstances. For temporary hour changes, please check our hours of operations on the homepage of our website.

What are the height requirements for the Bumper Boats?

44″ tall to drive

40″ tall to be a passenger

***Passenger Policy: To be a passenger or drive with a passenger, drivers must be 18 years old or older***

What are the height requirements for the Go Karts?

54″ tall to Driver

40″ tall to be a Passenger

***Passenger Policy: To drive with a passenger, drivers must be at least 16 years old or the passenger must be 54″ tall as well.***

How do Adventure Cards work?

Adventure Cards are your access to FUN! Load an Adventure Card with a Team Member or Kiosk with any amount using Debit/Credit or Cash.

Adventure Cards can be used for ANYTHING in The Park… Arcade Games, Attractions, food and drinks, or to even pay you Party/Event Bill. Simply swipe your Card at the swiper of the arcade games or attraction you are wanting to play. The swiper will light up GREEN, subtract the purchase amount from your Adventure Card, and give you access to the Arcade Game or Attraction. Your Adventure Card will track the tickets won from Arcade Games, which attractions you have gone on, amount of money spent, as well as, saving all non-redeemed tickets or money remaining on the card for you next visit to The Park.

We recommend registering your Adventure Card with a Team Member or Kiosk to receive Park offers and for easy replacement of a lost card. Card that are lost, most of the time, can ONLY be replaced if the card is registered.

**All tickets and money will never expired. One-time, unlimited, or timed attraction’s expiration dates will vary based on purchase dates (expiration date can be viewed on the cards history). All Adventure Cards are subject to a one-time $1 activation fee. Reloaded cards will not be subject to activation fees.**

Is there an Entrance Fee?

There is NO ENTRANCE FEE to enter The Park. All attractions are Pay-As-You-Play. Games and attractions are priced individually and can be purchased each time you would like to play a game or ride an attraction. Unlimited and timed access to attractions is also available.

No purchase is needed for parents, friends, and family members who wish to accompany those playing games or ride attractions in The Park.

Sequoia Springs Water Slides does have an admission fee.

General Admission: $20 (Guest wanting to get wet)

Dry Spectators: $10 (Guest wanting to to enter Sequoia Springs and not get wet)

Children under 32″ are FREE with purchase of a General Admission

Sequoia Springs General Questions

What are the height requirements for the slides?

-To ride the three tall slides, guest must be 42″ tall or more and weight no more than 300lbs.

-To ride the dual kiddie slides,  the two guest must weight no more than 250lbs combined when sliding at the same time.


Can I bring an ice chest or outside food?

Ice chest and outside food is not permitted into Sequoia Spring or The Park.

Guest are welcome to bring one bottled water per person. Baby formula is not considered “outside food.”

How much is admission?

Entry Fee – $20 per person

Children Under 42″ tall- $15 per person

Dry Spectators –  $10 per person (For persons NOT entering the inner splash circle or getting wet)

Children under 32″ – FREE (with paid Admission)

Fun in the Sun Wristband is $25 per person. This includes access to Sequoia Springs, the Structure, the Slides, Bumper Boats, and Miniature Golf during Sequoia Springs Hours of Operation

Sequoia Adventure Wristband is $56 per person. This includes access to Sequoia Springs, the Structure, the Slides, Bumper Boats, Laser Tag, and Miniature Golf during Sequoia Springs Hours of Operation

Is Sequoia Springs Open?

NO! 🙁

Sequoia Springs has closed for the 2021 Season

**We are expected to open in May 2022 for the 2022 Season**

Covid-19 & Public Safety

Are you still serving food?

Yes!  Food and beverages are still available for purchase through our Snack Bars.

The restaurant and inside dinning rooms are currently closed, however  distanced outside dining is available as well as shaded picnic tables


What is currently available?

All attractions and Park amenities are available!

This includes the Bumper Boats, Miniature Golf, Go-Karts, Batting Cages, Kritter Karts as well as our indoor Arcade, Laser Tag, and Laser Maze.

**Sequoia Springs is closed and is expected to open in May for the 2022 Season**

What precautions is The Park taking?

  • We are wiping down all attractions after guests use them and before another guest is able to use them.
  • We have changed the golf clubs, balls, and bats to one-time use per day items. At the end of the day these items are disinfected.
  • We have Team Members designated for sanitizing and disinfecting all surfaces guests come into contact with, railings, doors, bathrooms, counters, etc.
  • All Team Members are wearing masks, gloves, and have their temperature checked at the start of each shift.
  • Guests are also required to have their temperature checked upon entry and have a mask in their possession, which should be worn when less than 6ft away from other guests.

For the water area:

  • all surfaces that are wet, or penetrated by water, are constantly being sanitized by the 4-5ppm chlorinated water in our system.
  • All of our water goes through a filter system, 3 UV light systems, and then is dosed with the proper amount of chemicals required by the state before being recirculated.
  • All other surfaces, that are not covered by water, such as counters, trash cans, bathrooms, etc. are consistently sanitized by a Team Member.


If you have further questions, we would be happy to answer them, please call The Park at 559-635-7275, we would also be happy to go over any of your safety concerns as well.

Is there a maximum capacity?

Yes, The Park has a limited capacity each day that is closely monitored minute to minute

Are mask required?

Masks are required to be in your possession while at The Park. We ask that you use them anytime you are less than 6 ft from another guest not in your group.

If you are inside the Arcade, the CDC strongly recommends masks to be worn at all times.

**Masks are not permitted on the Water Structure, water slides, or Bumper Boats per CDC guild lines**