No matter your age or skill level, we have an arcade game for you, your kids, and friends. Our fun park game floor is packed with the industry’s newest high-tech games. Plus you’ll win points to redeem for prizes. The kids love that! After an afternoon or evening of playing arcade games with your family, your kiddos will go home with a prize they selected from our well-stocked redemption center. Don’t be surprised if you see your little ones snuggled with their new “treasure” as you tuck them into bed that night.


Our player cards make it really easy to enjoy your stay at Visalia Adventure Park. They work like a gift card. Here’s what you’ll do …

  1. Go to a kiosk or cashier.
  2. Use your credit card or cash to load a player card.
  3. Use a player card to play all Arcade games, visit all attractions, and eat in the snack bar or restaurant.
  4. The card tracks your tickets / prize points.
  5. Redeem tickets / prize points for gifts.