Visalia Adventure Park, About Us


In 2oo3, Adventure Park was built to fill a need for a wholesome and affordable family entertainment center in the area between Fresno and Bakersfield.

"We wanted to build an amusement park where families could go out together and enjoy each others company," says Mike Robinson, one of the original founders of Adventure Park and current owner. "We provide a safe environment and we keep our prices as low as possible."

The staff of Adventure Park knows that today's customers want "the latest and the greatest," so the Park is always investing in the newest attractions and the latest equipment. For example, the arcade was recently upgraded with new games. We purchased brand new Bumper Boats, Family Go Karts, and Kritter Karts for smaller children. Plus we purchased a brand new Laser Maze and a fully-upgraded Laser Tag system from Lasertron.

Our staff is dedicated to making Adventure Park the best and most fun amusement park in the area, here are a few words from the team leading our Park.

Roger Hurick

Managing General Partner

I love managing and operating a business where moms, dads, and kids can come and enjoy themselves with every possible attraction we can think of. When folks ask me what I do for a living, I like to say, "I'm the manager of the funnest place to be in Visalia."

Daniel Rodriguez

Operations Manager

I first started working for Visalia Adventure Park back in May of 2008. I started off working as an Attractions Attendant, then an Arcade Attendant, a Busser, a Party Host,  and, finally I was promoted to Party Coordinator. In that assignment, I supervised the Birthday Party department. I left for a year to pursue other opportunities. Eventually, I was drawn back to the park. It really is a great place to work. I began working in the kitchen. Shortly after, I became the Arcade Supervisor. After a year, I was promoted to Operations Manager, one of two Assistant General Managers. My job at Adventure Park now is about creating a modern, safe, family-friendly entertainment center for kids of all ages as well as adults. It's a privilege to operate an amusement park where adults and kids alike can enjoy themselves together. It's an amazing feeling to serve our customers. I focus mainly on operational issues, such as new projects around the park which I hope you've noticed — such as our Laser Maze, our upgraded Laser Tag, our all new Card Swipe system, our newest games, and many other infrastructural changes. I enjoy working on projects and working with my co-workers, as well as assisting guests. My long term goals include finishing my BBA, Bachelors in Business Administration, and continuing the work I do on behalf of Visalia Adventure Park. 

Michelle White

Personnel Manager

As a new mother, I came to Adventure Park in search of an income for my family. Little did I know I was to get so much more. In the seven years I have worked here, this family fun park has become an extension of my family. Children have always been the center of my life and I am in the process of finishing up my degree to become a teacher. The managers and owners of Adventure Park have been a great support team for me as I pursue my education. As Personnel Manager my job is to create a great experience for all of our guests and staff. We strive to ensure that every person who enters our park has a fun-filled adventure.


Brandon Pedreiro

Attractions Supervisor

I ensure the outside attractions are fully operational with safety as our main goal. My team strives to keep a smile on the customer's face along with the joy our attractions provide.  

Christina Ramirez

Arcade Supervisor

We keep the best possible games available to our guests and in the best possible condition. We watch carefully to see which games our guests love to play. We truly enjoy our jobs. I leave happy knowing our guests have left happy.

Tiffani Rettig

Restaurant  Supervisor

My team and I work hard to maintain high quality food with even higher standards of cleanliness within our restaurant, We want our guests to have the best possible experience we can deliver.

Rachel Roldan

Party Coordinator

Four years ago, I went to a job fair for Visalia Adventure Park hoping to get my first job ever and be able to start supporting myself. Little did I know how much I would learn, grown, and accomplish through The Park. I was hired on as a party hostess, which quickly taught me to come out of my shell and take command of a room. Two years after that I was promoted to the Party Coordinator. As Party Coordinator, I get to plan people’s birthday parties and then watch them come to life in our party rooms. The host/ess and I strive for our birthday children and their guests to have a fun, memorable, and personalized party experience. Getting to celebrate someone’s birthday almost every day is one the best parts of my job! I am currently in the process of completing a degree in Veterinary Medicine. As a cat/dog mom and advocate for animals, my future goal is to become a Veterinarian and help stop the testing of products on animals. Adventure Park has really been a blessing for me. It has allowed me to have a steady income while working to my future goals, use my creativity to its fullest abilities, and have life long lasting relationships. I can’t imagine having a better boss, atmosphere to work in, or such great coworkers. The Park has become like a 2nd home for me.