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Adventure Park - Come for the Adventure... Stay for Fun!Adventure Park - Come for the Adventure... Stay for Fun!

Lazer Tag

Come for the Adventure... Stay for Fun!



Come for Adventure... Stay for Fun!


Lazer Tag: $8 per person for two 5 minute rounds.

Experience our fully upgraded, top of the line, LT-12 Lazer Tag system by Lasertron. With a multitude of game scenarios and difficulties to appeal to all ages. Whether you're looking for an exciting competitive game for your kids, a challenging co-op to show your friends who dominates our Lazer Tag Arena, or even for corporate team building exercises our all new Lazer Tag Arena has it all.



Just an example of the different game scenarios offered here at Visalia Adventure Park's Lazer Tag facility.

Free-For-All - An "Every person for themselves" style of game. All players are on their own in this classic version of Lazer Tag.

Team Free-For-All - Played with two teams in the Free-For-All style. One team attempting to dominate the other without the most tags possible.

For something a little more complex and competitive we have more challenging games with all different levels of difficulty and complexity.

Team Game - Two teams battle it out with special modes applied to each players at random depending on the style of the game to make play a little more interesting and a lot more fun.

As Laser Tag enthusiasts our staff is constantly coming up with new and complex variations of the game modes. With many different 'Special Modes' to apply to each game it allows for no two games to be the same. Listed below are just a few of the variations we can apply to the Players of the game.

+Stealth Mode - A player in stealth mode is made invincible for a period of 20 seconds or until they fire their phaser. Allowing the player to add a strategic level to their gameplay.

+Rapid Fire Mode - A player in rapid fire mode is given the ability to fire their phaser much faster than normal, giving the underdog a shot at redemption and we aren't talking about our prize center.

+Force-Field Mode- While a player is in Force-Field Mode they are unable to be tagged except when firing. A difficult objective for your opponents who must now rely on timing and skill.

+Deflector Mode - For a short period of time a random player is thrown into Deflector Mode, when tagged that tag is deflected back to the player who tagged them giving the points to the deflector instead.

+Bonus Mode - One more for the underdog of the arena, while in Bonus Mode the player will receive a multiplier bonus of 150% in their scoring.

+Spy Mode - And for our internationally talented jewel thieves who've mastered our new Lazer Maze we have Spy Mode. Players in Spy Mode will appear in the color of the opposite team creating a moving obstacle and confusion bringing your next Lazer Tag game to an all new competitive adventure.


Come check it out for yourselves and put our all new system to the test. Dominate our arena and challenge our Laser Tag staff to all new games and scoring.

For weekends, scheduling an appointment is recommended.







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